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Another client I worked on with the Seamgen team was BudBo, Budbo offers blockchain solutions for a variety of cannabis-related services and industries. When brands/cultivators/doctors would sign up to use the platform while on-boarding they would be rewarded with cryptocurrency tokens as well. Working with a senior designer, Michael Regan on this large project we are able to solve many complex issues on this app. This particular project was challenging for me on a few levels, one because I had never designed a system with material design and two dealing with many levels of dynamic form entry.  

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Sign Up Screens


Forgot Password

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Onboarding Screens

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Mobile Screens

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Material Tables - a challenge here was for the user of the store to be able to upload csv files for a quicker set up. 

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Adding new products and product types

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Dashboard - with Cryptocurrency data

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Landing Page header concept

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