Working at Intuit has been first-class, from the talented people that I worked with every day to working within a large design system, using state of the art testing. It was a truly eye-opening experience. I am very humbled and grateful to have spent some time at this awesome organization.

Re-design of the Self-Employed page on I was asked to update the Self-Employed Page using our internal CMS design system. 

Self Employed Page.jpg

Helping to drive (no pun intended haha) a partnership between TurboTax Self-Employed. People that drive for Lyft needed a place to do their self-employed taxes what better way than with TurboTax. We launched a promo that would appear on the driver dashboard to incentivize users to go with TurboTax. This campaign involved print collateral for kiosks, digital banners, landing pages.

TT & Lyft.jpg

Landing Pages

I was also asked to design the new Spanish Homepage for, this was an awesome opportunity to work on a project that impact a large group of our consumers.. This was a challenge due to the language barrier but I was excited to help.

Spanish Homepage.jpg

I was also asked to explore some options that would let our Spanish users know that we are able to help them out with any of the problems they may face while filing their taxes.

Help Available in Spanish - Globe.jpg
Help Available in Spanish - Tilde.jpg

When you sign up for the TurboTax Advantage Program, you receive your selected TurboTax product automatically each year. I was asked to help look at some of the outdated modal visuals.