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Nicholas & Co.

A PoC that I worked on at Seamgen was for Nicholas & Co. a wholesale food distributor since 1939. Their app was outdated and in need of a modern look and feel. This project was separated into two separate user types that would manage and use the app, the restaurant side and the delivery side. As we found out no knowing the status of the order was a major problem on the restaurant side of the house.  Working closely with the UX director we developed a few concept screens for a re-ordering system and the ability to track your delivery. 

I was first tasked with making personas for the PoC 

Nicholas&Co - Persona 1.jpg
Nicholas&Co - Persona 2.jpg

Next was the journey map that goes over all the touch points of the product

Nicholas&Co - Journey Map.jpg

These are some of the interface concepts

ipad - dashboard.jpg
ipad - orders.jpg
iphone x - order delayed.jpg
iphone x - ipad - order on way.jpg